What is the difference between Lawyer and Advocate? Know their work..


Lawyers are also called advocates, but most of all they are called and known as lawyers and advocates.

In today's time, it is very difficult to achieve success in competitive examinations amid rising unemployment within the country. If you are also preparing for any competitive exam or you want to increase your general knowledge, then it is important for you to stay updated with every information, because there are definitely questions of general knowledge in all types of competitive exams. If we talk about UPSC exam, then general knowledge questions are asked from its written exam to the interview round. In this exam, especially the questions related to the important service of the country are asked.

Most important in this is the Justice Department. If you have ever gone to court or you must have seen in movies that some people are seen arguing on behalf of their clients in the court. These people are called lawyers. Lawyers are recognized in black coat and white shirt. These lawyers are also called advocates, but most of all they are called and known as lawyers and advocates.

But do you know that these two are different. If you do not know then know that these two are different. Although there is not much difference between these two, but it will be interesting for you to know what is the difference between lawyer and advocate. Both the words are used for an expert in law, but there is a big difference between the two. In such a situation, through this article, we know what is the difference between the two.

Acts and Powers of Lawyer

The words lawyer and advocate are known to be independent synonyms, but there are some differences between the two. Lawyers can be of many types such as attorneys, advocates and solicitors, all of them are specialists in different fields of law. First of all let's talk about Lauer. Lawyer is called a person who is still engaged in studying law, LLB, this person does not have permission to fight a case in court. Because without full education, registration cannot be done for advocating. However, it is not necessary that any person who has studied law should be an advocate. The job of any lawyer can be to give legal advice to a person, but he cannot fight a case in court on someone's life.

Know who is an advocate?

Advocate is usually called a lawyer. This is a person who has completed his law studies and is practicing as a court lawyer. Or rather, an advocate is a person whose student life is over. Advocate is called barrister in Scottish and South Africa. For example, you can take Mahatma Gandhi's visit to South Africa. When Mahatma Gandhi returned from South Africa, he returned with the title of barrister. It is not necessary that every lawyer is an advocate, but every advocate is a lawyer. If a person fights a case for someone else, he is an advocate. In a way it is professional. To become an advocate, any lawyer has to get registered with the Bar Council and pass the bar examination, after which he becomes an advocate.

Know the main difference between the two?

A lawyer is a person who has studied and trained in law. The word Loire is a very popular word. Whereas an advocate is a special type of lawyer who can stand for his client in any court. The term advocate is not used in the United States of America, where they are simply called lairs, but the word advocate is mainly used in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries.

The job of an advocate is to represent and defend his clients in court. At the same time, the job of the lawyer is to give legal advice, to file a public interest litigation in any matter, etc. The biggest thing here is that their role can also change according to the type of lawyer. Advocate is one step ahead of Lawyer. The work and scope of an advocate is bigger than that of a lawyer.

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